Webinar: GTFS-Flex

  • Date: June 18, 2020

GTFS-flex promises a future with online “trip planning” for demand-responsive transportation, similar to the Google Transit feature and other trip planners that exist for fixed-route transportation. But what are the options now and how can I help my riders today?

The webinar covers GTFS-flex from a variety of angles, so whether you are a small rural transit agency with demand-responsive services, or a state DOT or MPO planner investigating mobility-as-a-service, or a vendor considering GTFS-flex implementation, this webinar will define the players and give concrete advice and next steps to public agencies in particular.

N-CATT’s webinar on GTFS-flex will help you figure out exactly what you need to know about GTFS-flex, and what it offers to your agency. Presenters include Thomas Craig, CEO of Trillium and one of many architects of the GTFS-flex data specification, as well as Caroline Rodier of UC Davis and Marcy Jaffe of National RTAP.

Image: Jonathan Riley, Flickr

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