Digital Tools to Facilitate System Redesigns Webinar

  • Date: June 30, 2022

What’s the buzz about bus network redesigns? This two-part webinar series equips transit practitioners with key information about bus network redesigns that will empower them to determine whether a bus network redesign is right for their agency and provide tips on free tools that can help the redesign process along.

This is a two-part webinar: Part 1 focuses on a bigger picture understanding of bus network redesigns and Part 2 focuses on more details about the execution and helpful free tools.

Part 1

In Part 1 we discuss how there is much more involved in a bus network redesign beyond just redesigning bus routes—and the benefits of implementing a redesign can stretch further than just the realm of transit. Redesigns offer the opportunity for collaboration across agencies or departments to re-envision the community beyond its transit service and can play a key role in communities working towards their broader goals.

Part 2

This is Part 2, in which we focus on how agencies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from learning about the numerous free tools available to assist with the various stages of a bus network redesign. From virtual engagement tools, to tools that help schedule and assign roles for implementation of a service change, free tools can provide agencies a leg up for bus network redesigns.


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