New Software Adoption for Small Transit Agencies Worksheets

  • Date: February 18, 2022


  • The intent of the worksheets is to help an agency apply the Guidebook’s information to their own situation. It may also help with identifying next steps the agency should take in their software adoption process.
  • The worksheets can be completed by the software adoption process lead alone or through collaborative discussions with internal staff and/or partners of the transit agency.
  • Review of the Guidebook prior to completing the worksheets is recommended. Certain concepts and phrases are pulled from the Guidebook and may otherwise be unfamiliar to the reader.
  • The worksheets can be completed by printing and writing on the worksheets. Feel free to add additional sheets of paper to allow for longer responses.
  • If the individual/group completing the worksheets does not have a response for a question on the first pass, then move onto other questions if possible. Afterwards, look into the reasons why the response is not yet clear, and attempt to find the information needed to complete the response.
  • If sketching out some of the responses below is preferred by the reader to filling in the blanks, use separate sheets of paper to diagram out the responses. Keep these sketches/ diagrams with the other worksheets as a reference.

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Worksheet: New Software Adoption for Small Transit Agencies