Data Practices List of Abbreviations

  • Date: February 7, 2022

List of Abbreviations

AASHTO: American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials ACS      American Community Survey

AFC: Automatic Fare Collection

APC: Automatic Passenger Counters

API: Application Programming Interface

AVL: Automatic Vehicle Location

BI: Business Intelligence

BRATS: Baldwin Regional Area Transit System

BT: Blacksburg Transit

CAD: Computer-Aided Dispatch

CASD: Computer-Aided Scheduling and Dispatch

CATA: Crawford Area Transportation Authority

CSV: Comma-separated values

CTAA: Community Transportation Association of America

CTPP: Census Transportation Planning Products

CUTR: Center for Urban Transportation Research

DI: Disparate Impact

DB: Disproportionate Burden

DST: Decision Support Tools

DOT: Department of Transportation

EPTA: Eastern Panhandle Transit Authority

EPC: Electronic Passenger Counters

FTA: Federal Transit Administration

GEOID: Geographic entity code

GTFS: General Transit Feed Specification

GTFS-Flex: General Transit Feed Specification for Flexible Transit

GTFS-RT: General Transits Feed Specification–Real Time

GIS: Geographic Information Systems

GPS: Global Positioning System

GPX: Global Positioning System Exchange Format HVAC Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

ID: Identification

iNTD: Integrated National Transit Database

IT: Information Technology

ITS: Intelligent Transportation Systems

IoT: Internet of Things

KML: Keyhole Markup Language (from Google)

LBS: Location-Based Services

LEHD: Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics

LODES: LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics

MaaS: Mobility-as-a-service

MARTA: Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

MAP-21: Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act

MATS: Muskegon Area Transit System

MDBF: Mean Distance Between Failure

MOD: Mobility On-Demand

MPO: Metropolitan Planning Organization

MTD: Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District

N-CATT: National Center for Applied Transit Technology

NEMT: Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

NTD: National Transit Database

OD: Origin-Destination

OSM: OpenStreetMap

OTP: On-Time Performance

PAC-12: Pacific Coast Conference School

PAT: Pulaski Area Transit

PDF: Portable Document Format

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (programming language)

PMT: Passenger Miles Traveled

RFP: Request for Proposals

RPA: Regional Planning Agency

RTAP: Rural Transit Assistance Program

R.Y.D.E.: Reach Your Destination Easily

SEA: Service Equity Analysis

SGR: State of Good Repair

SMMPO: Southeastern Massachusetts

MPO SRTA: Southeastern Regional Transit Authority

STOPS: Simplified Trips-on-Project Software

TAM: Transit Asset Management

TAPT: Transit Asset Prioritization Tool

TBEST: Transit Boardings Estimation and Simulation Tool

TCaT: Tulare County Area Transit

TCRP: Transit Cooperative Research Program

TERM-Lite: Transit Economic Requirements Model Lite

TIGER: Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing

TMA: Transportation Management Association

TNC: Transportation Network Company

ULB: Useful Life Benchmark

VVTA: Victor Valley Transit Authority

WSU: Washington State University