A Framework for Making Successful Technology Decisions Conclusion

  • Date: February 14, 2022


Working with technology need not be the exclusive domain of large organizations with dedicated IT departments. The approach proposed here won’t make the task as easy as screwing in a light bulb, but through a systems thinking process and organizational capacity building, it can bring technology projects within the reach of even the smallest organization. The steps outlined above are intended to uncover root problems and provide steps that increase the likelihood of arriving successful technology implementations, while also building the skills in the organization that make managing technology sustainable over time. The overarching goal is to have a team that can be in the driver’s seat technology with regard to technology, rather than one that hopes that technology will lead the way on its own.

This framework for decision-making offers a way to make sense of the not-quite-perfect world of transit technology, and we have no illusions that the framework itself is perfect, either. In addition to helping your agency find technology solutions that help you achieve more for your clients, technology decision-making can be used as an opportunity to empower staff and increase their capabilities. That also means it should empower you to deviate from this framework when it isn’t serving you. It matters less what organizational tool you select than that you pick one and use it to get people on the same page. You and your team are the experts on your community, your agency, and your needs, and so whenever your reality presents a situation that isn’t accounted for here, lean into what you know.