N-CATT Performance Dashboard

N-CATT regularly evaluates its impact on the transit industry and the value it adds to transit agencies in understanding and applying transit technology to accomplish their goals. We have collected a variety of metrics to evaluate our impact, and periodically develop reports to check in on how we’re doing. This dashboard provides a snapshot of our impact as of June 2022.

Technical Assistance Metrics

N-CATT provides technical assistance in a variety of forms:

  1. Strategic Technology Technical Assistance Teams (STTATs): One-on-one technical assistance between N-CATT and individual transit agencies aiming to accomplish certain technology goals
  2. Technology Summits: Collaborative efforts with state Departments of Transportation (DOTs), Rural Planning Organizations (RPOs), Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), and other groupings of small-urban, rural, and tribal transit agencies hoping to establish technology investment priorities across the agencies within those groupings
  3. Skill-Building Workshops: Virtual and in-person workshops, open to staff at transit agencies, geared toward helping attendees develop skills in transit technologies that they can apply to their work
  4. Conference and Meeting Participation: N-CATT staff attend conferences to participate in or lead workshops to spread knowledge of N-CATT resources and promising practices in transit tech.
  5. Information and Referral: Any transit professional can reach out to us for information on transit technologies, and we connect them with the best information possible to answer their questions.

N-CATT has provided the following technical assistance from January 2022 through October 2023:


Tech University

N-CATT’s Tech University is designed to help website visitors learn about the big topics in transit technology. We provide resources in various formats to fit visitors’ needs; these include guidebooks, white papers, fact sheets, video profiles, webinars, and podcasts. Engagement with our products continues to grow, showing a steady spread of information on transit tech throughout the industry.

Our efforts span the entire United States, and N-CATT has established a national presence through its technical assistance, outreach, and tech university offerings. The map below summarizes the directed technical assistance, conference participation, and in-depth Tech U case studies that we have conducted.

Map of US with markings detailing locations of N-CATT resources

Click here for the interactive version